Allocution de Dr. Ali bin Fetais Al-Marri - Conference ministerielle sur l'Etat de droit et la lutte contre la corruption en Afrique

2 juin 2015

Dr. Ali bin Fetais Al-Marri

I would like to present my gratitude to the president of Senegal and his government for hosting this conference. I also like to highly appreciate the work and efforts of UNDP regional office In organizing the event.

I met with the president of Senegal about two years ago and we agreed to work together against corruption and to the establishment of the rule of law. Today we witness the start of our work together to Serve Senegal and the African Countries.

Corruption and absence of the rule of law is the real reason behind the revolutions of the people against the rulers. The tools of prosperity and welfare are indeed the rule of law and fighting corruption and not having security systems. Some may ask why Qatar is doing this and why in West Africa?

When Qatar hosted the 3rd COSP of the UNCAC it wanted to deliver work and outcomes, not just organizing a conference with some nice words. In this conference the review mechanism was adopted and it has been working for 6 years now.

We believe that we have a duty to serve humanity globally and regionally, whether in Africa or any other region, and the prevention of corruption may only happen if we support the rule of law and fight corruption within all the means in our possession.

We have witnessed many revolutions recently, most of which we sadly watched as they fail to achieve their outcomes in seeking justice. But we still see light at the end of the tunnel, Tunisia is a great example, and Mr. Al Moncef Al Marzouki is a living example and we are honored that he is amongst us today.

Tunis is the revolution that proved to be the light at the end of the tunnel.

Dakar bears a responsibility towards Africa , it's responsibility transcends the boarders of Senegal because along with the people of Senegal you can achieve a lot on the continental scale to support the rule of law and the fight against corruption

99% of the people here agree on principles of liberty and justice therefore we have to act for such principles to prevail.

Finally I would like to suggest to the participants and countries to seek to establish an Association of Ministers of Justice and Attorney Generals for the region and I ask my colleagues at the UNDP regional office to organize a meeting on the side of the coming COSP of the UNCAC to be held in November in San Petersburg

We hope that this meeting achieve the outcome that it seeks and finally I would like to thank you for all your efforts  

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